Why Implement A Personality Profile into Choosing A Nanny?

We were recently introduced to a company called Knowing Nanny.  They offer an online questionnaire that helps give insight into the personality profiles of potential nannies. This profile is designed to assist Kiddie Up in placing the right nanny and to offer insight on what kind of a personality a nanny has. 

The founder of Knowing Nanny, Delilah Atkinson, came up with the idea in 2006 when she had her first daughter and started using an HFI personality questionnaire to help choose the right nanny for her family.  Now, over the past decade, she continues to use it for after school support and has worked with a team of psychologists to create the one of a kind Knowing Nanny report.  She says, “it helped enormously to understand the person I was hiring and to set expectations – it has also allowed me to build relationships with my nannies much faster and know why they behave or respond a certain way.”

She continued, “Understanding why a person behaves in a certain way makes it much easier to plan for that behavior, respond appropriately and to support them. Knowing Nanny is specifically written for those in child care positions and it doesn’t need to be interpreted, it provides the insights you need in plain language- no complex scoring or graphs to understand. This means that the results are far more objective than relying on a parent’s intuition, with all of the unconscious bias and assumptions that are inherent in human decision-making.”

I was intrigues to find out more, so Delilah provided a free personality profile for me to try and told me it would help to:

  • Better understand each nanny when determining who in our database would be the best fit for a particular family
  • Show a point of difference with the competition (ie: we go a step beyond by scientifically learning all we can about our nannies) 
  • Send potential families the reports to help them make a decision from their shortlist and to help set expectations with a new nanny

Even though my children have outgrown the need for a nanny, I wanted to try it for myself with our previous nanny. The hidden agenda was, I already knew this nanny and how well she fit with our family. If the test aligned with what I knew already, it would be clear Knowing Nanny is spot on.

I received a user name and password via email and gave it a shot! Here is my experience with my personal results:

“My personal results were exactly correct. I am practical, co-operative, competitive and independent, imaginative, self-critical self-confident, task and people focused. I’m not guarded or spontaneous. The results were depicted perfectly! In addition, my previous nanny’s results and personality traits complimented mine. Although we shared similar traits, she was stronger in areas I was weaker in. Most importantly, it was evident she would align well with how I operate. Had I completed this before hiring her, I would have loved the ability to show her my results, so she could see what kind of employer I would be.“

Once I received the report I was on board.  I became very interested in understanding how nannies would respond to this if asked and I did some market research.  I was pleased to see that the potential nannies liked the idea of sharing their personality.  From our data we found that 90% of nannies and 73% of parents were fine with the idea of taking a personality questionnaire and only 12% of people polled thought the results wouldn’t be important.

After experiencing this and implementing the profile into my process, Kiddie Up Nannies will be looking to use Knowing Nanny to better understand what a family needs and seeing which nanny will meet those needs will help create a happy home!