Why Having a Nanny is Beneficial

As parents nowadays, we are fortunate to have many childcare options. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach no matter what you decide. What’s important is recognizing what’s important to you and your family.

Having a nanny is a great option for many families. Many families choose to have a nanny for the first year and even as many as the first several years of a child’s

1. Dedicated attention. A nanny can offer dedicated attention to the child or children they are caring for. This includes following parents’ wishes, routines, and philosophies. Many daycares have a 5:1 child teacher ratio which means often children are sharing attention amongst 4 other children!

2. Less germs. Your child will be exposed to less germs and most likely become sick less often. Not to mention, childcare facilities have strict rules about when your child can return whereas a nanny can frequently care for a sick child. This suggests you will be missing work less!

3. Familiar surroundings. Your child will be comfortable with his or her surroundings at their own home. They get to nap in their bed, eat meals and snacks they are familiar with (and what you’re comfortable with), follow their own routine and overall contentment with their accustomed settings.

4. Schedules. This has to be the most popular reason why parents choose a nanny. We hear time and time again they can barely get themselves out the door let alone their little one. Having a nanny come to your home means your child can be in pjs with no diaper bag packed and you can leave for work on time. A huge benefit! Scheduling can also be more flexible with a nanny than with a daycare center — there may be wiggle room for last-minute changes. If an important meeting pops up at work, for example, you’ll have better luck negotiating with your nanny than you would with a center that closes at the same time every day.

Whether you choose to have a nanny or feel a childcare facility is better suited, finding the best care for your little one is most important.