The Perfect Nanny Resume

My final semester of college I had to take a resume writing course. Just a few months away from graduation I wasn’t in the mood for a pointless class like this. “I’m never going to need this in real life, why do I have to learn about it?” I couldn’t have been more wrong. This course was one of my favorites and prepared me exactly for what I do today.

I review resumes every day. A resume is often more telling than the application. Even though Kiddie Up’s clients see our nannies’ profiles, which includes similar info, parents still want to see a resume. Think about it, what type of parents need a nanny? Mostly professional, working parents. To professionals like these, resumes are an imperative part of the hiring process. Here’s what should be included on a resume as well as some helpful tips.

Content. Content should include:



Phone number

Email address

(at the top, in bigger font- eye catching)

Include the goal of the resume.

Seeking fulfilling, rewarding, full-time employment as a nanny. I am available to start April 1st.

Experience. This is going to be the most content focused. Organize your experience by listing your most recent employment first. Your experience should include your title, such as full-time nanny, household manager, occasional sitter, etc. Include how long you worked for the family (I.E month/year to month/year), and the location. Use bullet points or list the daily tasks of the position.


Full-Time Nanny                     March 2015 – June 2016                    Denver, Colorado

  • Cared for two children. The children were 8 weeks and 2 years old when I started.
  • Prepared bottles and meals or the children. This includes proper storage and handling of breastmilk. Preparing nutritious meals for the toddler while paying close attention to her gluten allergy.
  • Used impeccable driving skills while taking the children on outings to the zoo, story times, museums and playdates.
  • Planned daily activities and educational games.

*** Only include other jobs if your resume lacks content. Families don’t necessarily want to know about your 4-month job at the mall kiosk.  Try to keep it nanny specific.

Education should include your most recent education. Listing the name, accomplishment and location.


  • Love & Logic certificate Kiddie Up Nannies                 

Denver, CO                                                                             2016

  • CPR & First Aide Certified Red Cross                               

Denver, CO                                                                             2015

  • Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education Northeastern Junior College  

Sterling, CO                                                                            2006

List your references and provide their full name, your relationship with them, email address and phone number.


  • Maggie Broadrick                        Current employer           303-726-6366

  • Jane Smith                                    Previous employer                         303-555-1234

  • Professor Kim Taylor                Previous college advisor                    970-555-5678

  • More references upon request.

A few optional additions include volunteer experience, areas or excellence or special acknowledgments. Be sure to have a well-balanced resume; specific and detailed information without making it too long or too short.

Volunteer Work

4H youth Volunteer                 May 2015 – September 2015              Jefferson County, Colorado

  • Volunteered approximately 8 hours a week teaching children about 4H, caring for livestock and planning meetings.
  • Went through the appropriate screening process which included reference checks, background checks and an interview.

Areas of Excellence

  • Loyal, hardworking and dedicated.
  • Punctual with exceptional attention to detail.
  • Organized and tidy.

Special Acknowledgments

  • One of the most popular and highest requested temporary nanny through Kiddie Up Nannies.

Have it ready. Have it ready to bring to every interview. Bring multiple copies if you’re interviewing for a nanny share so every family can have a copy. Be prepared to leave it with the family- don’t ask for it back. Have a digital copy as well. This way you can email it to the family or agency you are applying for. Don’t forget to keep it updated! Keep all the information up to date and current.

Presentation goes a long way.          A resume should be well organized, easy to read, and something that will draw attention. When printing it, print it on nice paper. A professional resume is always required, but remember you are applying to be a nanny. Add a little character to it. One time, a nanny brought me her resume on The Magic School Bus paper! It was so clever and definitely memorable!

After reading this you might be wondering, ‘Do I really have to do this to get a job?’ No you don’t have to but I highly recommend it! As a professional nanny you have to be professional. If you have further questions, or you would like your resume reviewed, please feel free to email me at

Good luck and happy resume writing!