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Wash Park family seeking full-time, experienced nanny

LOCATION:   Alameda and Downing, Wash Park, Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Baby girl welcomed early November. This doll baby is full of personality! She’s a super happy baby, loves to be sang and read to and overall thrives with attention! Baby has a milk and soy allergy therefore feedings are dairy and soy free formula or pumped breastmilk.

HOURS NEEDED:   35-40 hours per week. The nanny needs to be available approximately 7/7:30am to 6pm Monday through Friday; the exact schedule will be finalized soon.

PAY RATE:    $17-$20 per hour before taxes

START DATE:   Early to end May

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   The ideal commitment term is 12 months  

PETS:   No pets.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   Preferably the nanny has a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job. Mileage for driving with the child will be reimbursed.


  • Experience with infants is the top priority. Mom and Dad are looking for a nanny who has a background working with infants; in addition, the nanny needs to be informed about age appropriate activities and milestones.  
  • The family lives in a very walkable neighborhood therefore driving isn’t a huge priority, but it would be great would be great to go to classes or adventures in the future. For now, willable outings are highly encouraged!
  • Hands-on, active, engaging and loving.
  • No TV or screen time while baby is awake.
  • Mature, punctual and communicative.
  • It’s important the parents come back to their home the way they left it. Therefore, the nanny will be responsible for tidying up, washing bottles, etc.


  • Educational background in Early Childhood development would be a bonus!
  • Maybe occasional, light meal prep such as filling up the crockpot, etc.
  • Emptying the diaper pail when full.

PAID TIME OFF:   The family is offering a guaranteed salary even if care is not needed. In addition, all major holidays will be paid days off and the nanny will have two additional weeks of PTO.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Candidates must be current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot.  

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Occasionally Mom works from home but her intention is not to interfere with the nanny and the daily routine. If it became difficult for the baby or any attachment issues, Mom would not work from home.

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   The family is not interested in a nanny mom at this time.     

COMMENTS:   The family is willing to offer continued education within reason. For example the Infant Feeding Certification course or National Nanny Training Day.  

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