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The 3 P’s: patient, professional, and personable

LOCATION:   44th and Wadsworth, Wheatridge.

ABOUT THE LITTLE:  Very sweet and happy baby girl welcomed in June of this year. This little lady is the best baby you could ask for.  She is meeting all her developmental milestones, she’s smiley, social, a great sleeper, does not fuss and overall she has a great disposition! The baby enjoys going outside but also plays contently by herself. Of course, Mom and Dad want the nanny to be attentive but also willing to encourage independent play.

HOURS NEEDED:  A minimum of 36 hours per week. The nanny will be needed 8:30 am to 5:30 or 6 pm four days per week. Grandma will be caring for baby one day a week. The nanny can pick any four days between Monday through Friday. Occasionally, the nanny might be asked to stay later. 

PAY RATE:    $15-$18 per hour, taxes are withheld.

START DATE:   Ideally, the nanny could start soon but no later than January 10th.

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    The family is looking for a commitment at least through May although it most likely will extend longer.

PETS:   No pets. 

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   Ideally, the nanny will have a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job. If not, the family can make arrangements so the nanny can use their car. If the nanny is using their vehicle, mileage will be reimbursed and the family will purchase the nanny a designated parking spot.

REQUIREMENTS:   This is a unique opportunity! The best way to describe the family’s needs is to tell you more about Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad both work in democratic politics. They work at the Capitol Building downtown and are in legislature and committees most of the day. When they found out they were expecting, Mom was given a great big office with enough space to bring baby to work with her. What a great state we live in!!

In a perfect world, the family would like the nanny to provide care for their daughter at the Capitol Building. Mom’s office will be set up with plenty of toys, a place for naps, space to keep and prepare food and lots of space for activities. Ideally, the nanny will be willing to be flexible regarding the location of care- either at the family’s home or at the Capitol. During the time the nanny will be at the Capitol, there is no strict dress code but dressing comfortably but presentable is needed. Please keep in mind, the nanny is an extension of the family.

Other requirements include:

  • Experience with children ages 6-12 months.
  • Patient.
  • Trustworthy. 
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Professional but personable.
  • Willing to tidy up after the days’ activities.
  • Baby related chores such as cleaning bottles, etc.
  • Reading to the baby daily.

WISH LIST ITEMS (NOT MANDATORY):   Helping with the baby’s laundry would be a huge plus!

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will be compensated regardless if the family does not need care. Additional paid time off is negotiable based on the nanny’s request. The nanny will receive Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day and Good Friday as paid days off.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Being current on vaccinations, including an annual flu shot, is highly preferred.

SICK POLICY:   In the event the nanny is sick, the family certainly wants the nanny to stay home in order to get healthy. Because reliability and honesty is so important to the family, sick time should never be taken advantage of.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Mom and Dad do not work from home.

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Because of the potential to be working from Mom’s office, a nanny mom would not be a good fit.

COMMENTS:   Finding the perfect fit is the top priority. The family is willing to be flexible with many of the requirements or expectations of the job for the right fit. If you are interested, but have different requests or needs, please let us know!

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