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Seeking a full-time nanny to partner with

LOCATION:   E. Exposition Ave. & Colorado Blvd., south of Cherry Creek in central Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Three energetic and inquisitive young men. The boys are 7, 5 and almost 4 years old. These high energy fellas are curious, happy, and love music. As you can imagine, the boys are good eaters! They do not have any dietary restrictions but preferably, healthy eating is encouraged.    

HOURS NEEDED:   40 hours per week guaranteed.

  • The nanny must be available during the hours of 7 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.
  • The nanny will not be working all these hours. A typical schedule is arriving at 7 am, taking the boys to school (approximately 10-minute drive) at 9 am. Then picking up the boys from school at 3 pm; preparing snacks, helping with homework, playing, making dinner for the boys if needed, then ending the day no later than 8 pm. It is likely the nanny will be done closer to 6 pm, but the family will still compensate the nanny for a full 40-hour work week.
  • During the summer, the boys will attend camps with start/end times similar to school.
  • If a child is sick or there are school holidays, the nanny will be needed during the day to care for the child(ren). The family can provide the nanny with as much notice as possible in the event they need daytime care.

PAY RATE:   $18-$21 per hour


COMMITMENT LENGTH:   A minimum of a year commitment.     

PETS:   No pets.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A vehicle is not required for the job. The nanny will have access to the family’s car.


  • The perfect nanny is someone who loves being a nanny and truly loved the profession.
  • Engaged and caring. The family is looking for a nanny who can be a part of their family!
  • Confident with a redirection discipline style.
  • Active and energetic!
  • Honest and communicative.
  • Organized! While caring for three children, being organized and proactive is a necessity.
  • A safe and careful driver is a must!
  • A nonsmoker.
  • During the hours of 9 am to 3 pm, the nanny will be asked to help with light errands (IE picking up dry cleaning, running to the store, etc.), assist with household tasks (boys’ laundry, cleaning up after meals, vacuuming, etc.- no heavy cleaning). These tasks won’t be needed every day, but will be requested weekly.   
  • Available for occasional overnights. The parents haven’t needed overnight care yet, but they welcome the option.

PAID TIME OFF:   The family will compensate the nanny for anytime they do not need care. They can provide plenty of notice and ask the nanny do the same if they need to be absent.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Preferably the nanny is up to date on immunizations but it’s not a requirement.

SICK POLICY:   In the event a child or children are sick, the nanny will be needed to care for them.


COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Due to the responsibilities of the job, a nanny mom is not the right fit.

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