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Responsible nanny needed full-time for two infants

LOCATION:   As a nanny share position, care will alternate between homes. They families live within a mile from one another. Colfax and Locust St, and 16th and Clermont Street, Denver. 

ABOUT THE LITTLE:  One baby girl welcomed early October, the other is due at the end of November. Since the first one has been here only a few weeks, we dont know much about her, and the other we look forward to meeting in the coming weeks! 

HOURS NEEDED:   Full-time, 40-50 hours per week. For the first 6 months, the nanny will be needed Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. At the 6-month mark, or possibly even before, care will be needed Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, a total of 50 hours per week. 

PAY RATE:    $18-22 per hour, taxes are negotiable. 

START DATE:   The nanny will be needed to start mid to late January. Care will be for one baby only until early to mid-February. 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    These families are looking for a long-term commitment. Ideally 18-24 months but no less than a year. 

PETS:   One family has an elderly pug. The nanny might be needed to let him out and feed him occasionally. The second family has one cat. 

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job in case of emergencies is required. Other than emergencies, the nanny will not have driving responsibilities. The families live in a walkable community, close to City Park, other parks, the Zoo, etc. Walks and walkable outings are encouraged. 


  • Candidates must be reliable, responsible, punctual and have experience with infants. Experience with multiples is preferred.
  • To ensure the nanny share is a successful arrangement for everyone involved, open and clear communication is needed. The nanny must be organized and be able to handle the responsibility of two babies.
  • Both moms plan to breastfeed, therefore the nanny must be knowledgeable and comfortable with breastmilk handling, storage and preparation.
  • The nanny will be responsible for tidying up after the days’ activities, and washing bottles.
  • Both families are interested in the baby led weaning philosophy, once their little ones are old enough to start eating solids.
  • A schedule and sleep routine is appreciated, although with flexibility; it does not need to be a rigid schedule.


  • If the nanny has time to assist with the babies’ laundry, it would be a plus!
  • A bilingual nanny would be a bonus but not a requirement.

PAID TIME OFF:   Paid sick time is offered along with paid holidays off. Additional paid time off is negotiable. 

VACCINATION POLICY:   Current on vaccinations, including an annual flu shot is mandatory.

SICK POLICY:   The families would prefer the nanny not come to work in the event of a contagious illness. In the event either baby is sick, the nanny will go to the home of the well-baby. It is possible the nanny will need to care for the babies if there is a minor illness such as a cold or fever due to teething. 

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Occasionally one Mom will work from home in her separate office in the basement. 

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Because of the job responsibilities and two small infants, this is not an ideal position for a nanny mom.  

COMMENTS:   The families are considering using cloth diapers. They are open to disposable diapers as well if the nanny prefers. 

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