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Responsible & interactive nanny needed for infant

LOCATION:   Oneida St. and 13th Ave., Denver    

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   This newbie arrived mid-March! She was a few weeks early but does not have any significant preemie issues. She is currently on oxygen but most likely will be off within the next few weeks. Baby is a good sleeper and eater; she’s fed exclusively breast milk and takes a bottle without concern! Due to being born early, she is at an increased risk for infections therefore, the nanny must be diligent about hand washing and not exposing baby to any illness.

HOURS NEEDED:   36 hours per week, Tuesday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Occasionally the nanny might be needed to stay a little later but the family would give at least a weeks’ notice.  

PAY RATE:    $14-$16 per hour, before taxes. Dependent on if the nanny is a traditional nanny or nanny mom.

START DATE:   June 4th

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   At least a year     

PETS:   Minimal pet responsibilities; the family has a 15-year-old, 25-pound dog that’s pretty self-sufficient. The dog might need to be let out into the family’s fenced yard.  

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe a reliable vehicle to use on the job is mandatory. Driving is not a necessity in the beginning, but the family is open to outings when baby is older.  


  • Responsible, reliable and punctual.
  • Safe, engaged and interactive.
  • The ideal nanny is someone who is passionate about being a nanny, emerged in the community and truly enjoys being a nanny.
  • Proactive and encourage baby’s development.
  • Child related tasks such as the baby’s laundry, washing bottles, tidy up after the days’ activities, etc.
  • Knowledge with breast milk handling, storage and preparation. The family is happy to sponsor the nanny to take the Infant Feeding Certification webinar! Contact Kiddie Up for more info.
  • Mom and Dad follow a baby-led parenting style and does well on a schedule; not rigid but follows baby’s cues.
  • A nonsmoker is an actual must! In addition, the nanny cannot be exposed to 2nd hand smoke at their home or elsewhere respectively.


  • Ideally, the nanny lives close by so the daily commute, along with Colorado’s weather, would not be an issue.
  • Baby sign is something that interests Mom and Dad and if the nanny was familiar with it, it would be a bonus!
  • If the nanny felt inclined to prepare the family’s dinner, they wouldn’t stand in the way! But certainly not a requirement.

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will be compensated for anytime the family does not need care. In addition, the nanny will receive 2 weeks of paid time off: one week during Christmas and the other week to be used at the nanny’s discretion.  

VACCINATION POLICY:   The nanny, and nanny’s child if applicable, must be current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot.    

SICK POLICY:   If baby had a minor illness, they would like the nanny to care for her. Due to being born early, she is at an increased risk for infections therefore, the nanny must be diligent about hand washing and not exposing baby to any illness.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Occasionally but they would work from their home office. They would prefer if the nanny acted as though they were not there- when they’re working, they’re working!    

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Yes, the family is very open to a nanny mom! Preferably, the nanny’s child is close in age to their daughter.

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