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Nanny share seeking an experienced, full-time nanny

LOCATION:    Care will alternate between the families’ homes: Downing and Yale & S. Williams and Yale, in Denver. The families live within a mile of one another.

ABOUT THE LITTLES:    These good friends are hoping their babies will grow up to be just as close, therefore a nanny share was perfect for them! Baby girl welcomed early January and twin boys welcomed in early January too! The babies are just a few days a part! 

HOURS NEEDED:    40 hours per week, Monday through Thursday 8 am to 6 pm. Fridays off!! Care for one child will be needed all 4 days, 40 hours total, and care for all three infants will be needed 3 of the days, approximately 30 hours per week. 

PAY RATE:    A weekly salary of $850-$1000 per week.

START DATE:    Mid-April 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    Long term commitment needed! Minimally one year.

PETS:    Being comfortable with the families’ four-legged-fur-babies is important although the dogs most likely won’t be in the same home when the nanny is there. Both families each have a dog. They often go to doggie camp or would play at the other family’s home while the nanny and the babies are at the other.

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE NEEDS:    Driving with the infants is not a requirement although reliable transportation to and from work is a necessity.


  • Infant experience is a must! Preferably experience with multiples too!
  • Organized, responsive and communicative.
  • Encouraging milestones and age appropriate development.
  • Schedules are encouraged along with healthy sleep training. The families do not subscribe to any specific theory but sleep training is most appealing!
  • Having knowledge or an educational background in early childhood education or development would be a huge bonus!
  • Comfortable and knowledgeable with breastmilk handling and preparation is needed as moms intend to breastfeed.
  • Tidy up after the days’ activities and chores related to the babies such as washing bottles, picking up toys, etc.


  • Language immersion or exposure.
  • Baby sign would be a plus too!

PAID TIME OFF:    Paid time off is offered; exact amount based on nanny’s request.

VACCINATION POLICY:    Current on immunizations is mandatory.

SICK POLICY:    Once the babies have arrived, a more specific sick policy will be determined. Stay tuned for more details!

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:    Occasionally parents will work from their in-home office, however, most likely they will not work from home on the days the share takes place in their home.

IS THE FAMILY COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:    Due to the possible high demands three infants, a nanny mom is not a preferred situation. The families are open to an older, school-aged, child accompanying the nanny once in a while if needed.

COMMENTS:    These new parents are a joy to be around- talk about sweet and personable families!

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