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Nanny share seeking an experienced, full-time nanny

LOCATION:    Care will alternate between the families’ homes: Downing and Yale & S. Williams and Yale, in Denver. The families live within a mile of one another.

ABOUT THE LITTLES:    These good friends are hoping their babies will grow up to be just as close, therefore a nanny share was perfect for them! Baby girl welcomed early January and twin boys welcomed in early January too! The babies are just a few days a part! 

HOURS NEEDED:    40 hours per week, Monday through Thursday 8 am to 6 pm. The exact schedule will be finalized soon but it is likely the nanny wont care for all three babies all the time. Its likely care will be needed for the twins or just one baby a few times per week.

PAY RATE:    An average salary of $880 per week. For one child, $16-$18 per hour, two children, $18-$22 per hour and for three, $23-$25 per hour.

START DATE:    Mid-March. The exact start date is to be determined.

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    Long term commitment needed! Minimally one year.

PETS:    Being comfortable with the families’ four-legged-fur-babies is important although the dogs most likely won’t be in the same home when the nanny is there. Both families each have a dog. They often go to doggie camp or would play at the other family’s home while the nanny and the babies are at the other.

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE NEEDS:    Driving with the infants is not a requirement although reliable transportation to and from work is a necessity.


  • Infant experience is a must! Preferably experience with multiples too!
  • Organized, responsive and communicative.
  • Encouraging milestones and age appropriate development.
  • Schedules are encouraged along with healthy sleep training. The families do not subscribe to any specific theory but sleep training is most appealing!
  • Having knowledge or an educational background in early childhood education or development would be a huge bonus!
  • Comfortable and knowledgeable with breastmilk handling and preparation is needed as moms intend to breastfeed.
  • Tidy up after the days’ activities and chores related to the babies such as washing bottles, picking up toys, etc.


  • Language immersion or exposure.
  • Baby sign would be a plus too!

PAID TIME OFF:    Paid time off is offered; exact amount based on nanny’s request.

VACCINATION POLICY:    Current on immunizations is mandatory.

SICK POLICY:    Once the babies have arrived, a more specific sick policy will be determined. Stay tuned for more details!

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:    Occasionally parents will work from their in-home office, however, most likely they will not work from home on the days the share takes place in their home.

IS THE FAMILY COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:    Due to the possible high demands three infants, a nanny mom is not a preferred situation. The families are open to an older, school-aged, child accompanying the nanny once in a while if needed.

COMMENTS:    These new parents are a joy to be around- talk about sweet and personable families!

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