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Lots of flexibility in Sunnyside

LOCATION:   Near Federal Blvd. & I-70, in the Sunnyside neighborhood, Denver.     

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Baby girl welcomed early-December. Big brother, who is 13-year-old, is home in the event of school closures, but he’s very independent. 

HOURS NEEDED:   Tons of flexibility! A nanny can split up hours over multiple days or work just one day a week. The family can offer 6-16 hours per week (exact amount based on the nanny’s request). Schedule options: Monday & Wednesday, Wednesday & Friday, or Monday & Friday.

PAY RATE:   $20-$25 per hour, please inquire about taxes.    

START DATE:   Mid-February

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Long-term!    

PETS:   Two hamsters & two parakeets, no responsibilities.          

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A vehicle is not a requirement. The family lives in a very walkable neighborhood, or the nanny can drive with the baby if they prefer.


  • Mature, someone who enjoys being a nanny and takes their job seriously. 
  • Encourage teaching and growth.
  • Comfortable & knowledgeable preparing breastmilk. Click here to learn more about the Infant Feeding Certification.
  • Tidy up after activities, keeping the family’s standard of cleanliness.


  • Bilingual is a plus! (Mom speak Spanish)
  • Familiar or willing to learn about baby sign.

PAID TIME OFF:   Open to guaranteeing hours.    

VACCINATION POLICY:   Vaccinations are preferred but not a deal breaker.   

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Mom works from home but prefers to focus on work when she’s there. If her presence makes a nanny uncomfortable, she can work at a nearby coffee shop.


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