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Kind-hearted nanny needed for a nanny share

LOCATION:    E. 104th Ave. and Tower Rd., Commerce City. Care will alternate homes every other week. The families live ½ a mile from one another!

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Two families, the babies are 11 days a part! A 7-month-old boy who is a happy and enjoyable baby, and a 7-month-old baby girl who is an easy going and happy little one.

HOURS NEEDED:    32-35 hours per week. Monday through Friday the nanny will be needed to care for both babies 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Every other week, care will be needed Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm for both babies, and 8 am to noon on Fridays for one.

PAY RATE:    $18-$22 per hour; approx. $1,200-$1,470 every two weeks.

START DATE:    As soon as possible!

COMMITMENT LENGTH:     Applicants must be able to commit through the end of this year. Although a 10-month commitment is required, it’ possible the families will need a nanny to continue after.

PETS:   A big and a small! One family has a big 110 lb. dog and the other family has a small toy poodle. No pet responsibilities other than letting the dogs in and out during the day. As safety is important to the parents, the dogs should never be left alone with the babies. Alternatively, the nanny is welcome to keep the dogs in a separate, designated space.   

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is required. The family will provide the nanny with the babies’ car seats. Outings, adventures and educational activities are encouraged! The parents look forward to having their little ones exposed to new things.  


  • The perfect nanny is someone who shows good judgment, attention to safety, communicative, honest and detail oriented.
  • The families are looking for a nanny who has a calm demeanor; an interactive, playful and kind-hearted person.
  • Experience working with multiple children at one time is a must!
  • Physically able to keep up with two, almost-mobile babies. In addition, being able to take the children on walks and activities.
  • The families expect to return to their homes in the same shape they left it. Therefore, the nanny will be expected to tidy up after the days’ activities, stock supplies, wash bottles, wipe down highchairs, etc.


  • If time allows, and the nanny was open to loading the dishwasher, or helping with baby’s laundry, it would be a huge plus!
  • Familiarity or knowledge with baby sign.
  • Bilingual would be great if possible!

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will be paid a consistent salary regardless if one or both babies is absent or care is not needed. The nanny will receive all federal holidays as paid days off, the week of Christmas will be a paid week off; additional paid time off is offered as well. Amount to be determined based on the nanny’s request.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Candidates must be current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot.  

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:    One Dad works from home when he’s not traveling. He will be in his office and stay out of the way.  

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Due to the responsibilities of the job, the families are not open to a nanny mom.  

COMMENTS:   It’s important to know, both families have security cameras installed in their homes. They are used for home security but dually act as baby monitors so Mom and Dad can stay connected to their littles during the day. The cameras will never be placed in an inappropriate place and will be visible at all times.   

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