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Interactive nanny needed full-time in Stapleton

LOCATION:  Martin Luther King Blvd. and Havana, Bluff Lake, Stapleton, Denver

ABOUT THE KIDS:   A high-energy 3-year-old little girl who loves being active! A smart gal who enjoys playing and being engaged throughout the day. A little fella welcomed in December of 2016 who is a very happy baby! He’s a good eater and good sleeper!

HOURS NEEDED:   36 hours per week guaranteed, three and a half days per week. Every Tuesday and Thursday 7 am to 5/5:30 pm. The third day will fluctuate wither Monday Wednesday or Friday. The family will provide the nanny with the schedule 12 weeks in advance. The fourth day, the half day, can be the nanny’s choice and what time to start/end.  The family is willing to increase the hours to 40 hours per week for the right nanny. Mom and Dad recognize the importance of providing a consistent schedule and salary, therefore they can accommodate the nanny’s needs. 

PAY RATE:   $15-$20 per hour. The nanny can be an hourly employee or salaried employee, based on the nanny’s wishes. Taxes are negotiable.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES:   Daily responsibilities include taking out the trash and recycling, loading and unloading the dishwasher, picking up toys and checking the mail. Weekly responsibilities include emptying the diaper pail, sweeping the living room and kitchen, wiping the counter tops, and the children’s laundry.

WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR:   This family is looking for a long-term commitment with a loving and professional nanny starting early September. The perfect nanny is someone who is a professional nanny and truly cares about the profession. The nanny must be patient, loving, reliable, communicative, consistent, self-motivated, and willing to take initiative. Mom and Dad are hoping the nanny can be like a 3rd parent and a member of their family. The nanny is encouraged to be active; the family has memberships to museums, pools and the zoo. The 3-year-old is in school full-time 8:30 am to 3 pm, therefore care will mainly be for the baby. The nanny will be responsible for drop offs and pick-ups therefore a safe and reliable vehicle is mandatory. Mom and Dad describe their parenting style as very proactive; trying to anticipate the children’s needs, proactive, play based, firm but gentle discipline.

COMMENTS:   Paid vacation and paid sick time is negotiable. The family would like to incorporate consistent date-nights and a few overnights throughout the year. A safe, reliable and well-maintained vehicle to use on the job is a requirement. The nanny must be a nonsmoker. It’s important for the nanny to know, they will serve a huge role in the family’s life. The nanny is viewed as a role model and will be appreciated greatly!

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