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Highlands family ISO loving & experienced nanny part-time

LOCATION:   W. 45th Ave. and Wolff St., Highlands, Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Almost 18-month-old happy and thriving little lady.

HOURS NEEDED:   One or two days a week, approximately 10-hour days. The exact day or days can be flexible! The nanny will be needed 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, with some minor variation in hours from time to time.

PAY RATE:   $20-$22 per hour, before taxes. 

START DATE:   Early January

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Minimally a year

PETS:   Comfortable with indoor kitties is a must!

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   No driving responsibilities; open to drivable outings in the future.  


  • Loving, trustworthy, and experienced.
  • Ability to have clear and direct communication.
  • Willingness to provide structure and consistency with the day-to-day routine.
  • The family lives in very walkable neighborhood and walkable outings are encouraged. They are close to book stores, coffee shops, parks, libraries, and a rec center.
  • Tidy up after the days’ activities.


  • Ability to speak a different language.
  • Help with laundry if time allows. 
  • Light dinner prep if time permits. 

PAID TIME OFF:   Paid time off is negotiable.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot required. 

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Yes, Mom works from home most days.   

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Mom and Dad are open to having a nanny bring along her own child with the understanding the hourly rate would be lower. 

COMMENTS:  These loving and adoring parents are looking for the perfect nanny to be with their family for many years! It is crystal clear Mom and Dad are committed to ensuring the nanny’s happiness. They view the nanny as an extension of the family and hope the nanny will take pride and dedication in the role she/he takes.

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