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Hands-on nanny needed for twins

LOCATION:   S. Tamarac Drive and E. Quincy Ave., Denver      

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Twin boys welcomed late January of this year. These boys certainly have different personalities! Baby A is strong and active and already showing signs of enjoying physical activities. Baby B is easy going and enjoys any kind of visual stimulation. The twins have an older brother who is 3 years old, however he is in daycare/preschool full-time. Its possible he would be around from time to time, but the nanny would not be responsible for him.

HOURS NEEDED:   30 hours per week. The ideal schedule is Monday through Friday 7 am to 1 pm, although the family can be flexible with the start and end times.

PAY RATE:    $18-$20 per hour

START DATE:   Finding the right fit is important to the family. For that reason they could have the nanny start as soon as early June or as late as July.

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Minimally a year commitment but preferably closer to 18 months if possible!

PETS:    A low maintenance Great Pyrenees. There are no pet responsibilities.   

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A car is not needed on the job, but a nanny must be able to get to and from work on time.


  • The ideal nanny is hands-on, engaged, punctual, communicative, energetic, positive and willing to actively play with the babies.
  • Caring for the twins so Mom can run errands, go to appointments and mostly keep her sanity as a mom of three, will be the nanny’s main responsibility. It’s possible from time to time the nanny will be working alongside mom- going to pediatrician visits, music and swimming classes, etc. Mom is a JOY to work with and easy going and communicative. But primarily the nanny will solely be responsible for the babies while mom is out and about.
  • Comfortable with breastfeeding is a must! Mom will breastfeed when possible, but the twins also take a bottle without hesitation.
  • Baby related tasks only such as the babies’ laundry and washing bottles.
  • No screen time or shoes in the home please!  
  • The family follows an eat-play-sleep routine.  
  • Ability to stimulate growth and encourage developmental milestones.     


  • Experience with multiplies is ideal!
  • Cooking for the family- a plus but not required.

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will have a set and guaranteed salary regardless if care is needed or not. Additional paid time off is offered; exact amount negotiable.    

VACCINATION POLICY:   The nanny must be current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot.   

SICK POLICY:   Caring for the babies in the event they’re under the weather is needed. If the nanny is sick, the family prefers the nanny stays home.  

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:  Mostly Mom will be out of the house but occasionally will be home working on household tasks. When the nanny is there, the nanny will be responsible for the twins. 

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Due to the responsibilities of the job, a nanny mom would not be a good fit.     

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