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Genuine, playful and active nanny needed in Arvada

LOCATION:   W. 72nd Ave. and Indiana St., Arvada    

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Two lively and sweet gentlemen. The 3-year-old is full of personality! He is funny, chatty, imaginative; enjoys reading, playing outside and any activity including a ball. He will be going to preschool soon, but only 3 half days a week. The 1 year old is easy going, independent, calm and sweet. He’s an observer and loves watching brother!  

HOURS NEEDED:   45 hours per week; Monday through Thursday 7 am to 4:30/5 pm and Friday 7 am to 12/1 pm.  

PAY RATE:    $750-$850 per week before taxes.

START DATE:   Right away!!   

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Long-term, minimally a year.

PETS:   A loved border collie makes the 5th member of the family. The dog loves to be included on walks and playing with the kids.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is a must. Driving responsibilities include excursions and preschool pick-ups. The family is open to a formal or informal mileage reimbursement.


  • Genuine, patient, loving, communicative, honest and trustworthy.
  • Candidates need to be energetic, playful and able to keep up with these young guys!
  • Mom and Dad are not raising hooligans! Manners and listening is a value in the home. Their discipline style focuses on being on redirection, giving choices, being on their level and occasional time-outs if needed.
  • These boys take 2-hour naps! During that time, the nanny is encouraged to have some down time but also expected to assist with light household tasks. Most importantly, the home should be tidy and in the same condition the parents left it. Tasks include vacuuming the main level, the boys’ laundry, baby’s linens, cleaning up after meals: wiping down counters and highchair, and loading the dishwasher.
  • The perfect nanny is a proponent of nutrition and a Pinterest fan! Arts & crafts and other educational activities are favorites!
  • Ability to be proactive and plan activities and adventures; encourage play-based, educational activities.


  • Occasional, light meal prep would be a plus!    

PAID TIME OFF:   Unheard of- a full 6 weeks of paid time off!! The family respectfully requests the nanny’s time off to correspond with theirs. They are more than willing to work with the nanny and provide as much notice as possible.    

VACCINATION POLICY:   Current on vaccinations is strongly preferred.

SICK POLICY:   In the event the children are ill with more than a common cold, the parents will stay home with them. If the illness is minor, care will be expected.    


COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Due to the logistics of the job, a nanny mom is not something the family is comfortable with.

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