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Full-time team member needed in Park Hill

LOCATION:  Denver (email us for a more precise location) 

ABOUT THE KIDS:   Playful little fella who will be two in September

HOURS NEEDED:   Guaranteed 40 hours per week, which includes overnight hours. The typical schedule will be Monday through Friday but the schedule varies. The schedule will be provided at least a month in advance. Flexibility is required as well as being able to travel domestically and commit to one overnight per week. All travel expenses will be paid for.

PAY RATE:   $20-$22 per hour, taxes are withheld

ADDITIONAL DUTIES:   This position is more than just a nannying job. Approximately 50% of the time will be childcare related, the other 50% is household manager/personal assistant responsibilities. Responsibilities include but not limited to grocery shopping, running errands, take out the garbage and recycling, empty the dishwasher, sweep kitchen and playroom floors daily, tidy up the kitchen, food prep, cooking and the toddler’s laundry. The nanny will not be needed for any major housecleaning.

WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR:   Starting as soon as possible, this family is looking for at least a one-year commitment, preferably longer, with the perfect nanny. As a busy professional business owner, Mom has the luxury of being able to spend a great deal of time with her little guy but also works full-time. The ideal candidate is someone who is willing to jump in and support the family as needed. The nanny will be a valued member of the team! The perfect nanny is someone who is playful, hands on, patient, creative, encourages age appropriate milestones, activities and development, willing to go on outings and stay engaged throughout the day. Communication is hugely important! The nanny must be able to provide the parents with feedback as well as a daily recap of the day. During the time Mom is not traveling, she will be working from her home office. Although she is home, the nanny will be fully responsible for the toddler as Mom is dedicated to staying out of the nanny’s way. Candidates who like to stay busy with diverse tasks would be great fit! Screen time is not encouraged in addition to any cell phone use. One of the parent’s biggest fears is a nanny who is not engaged or plays on the phone throughout the day. Cooking for the family would be a huge perk but not required! If the nanny spoke Spanish that too would be great but not mandatory.  

COMMENTS:   Candidates must have a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job. Mileage will be compensated for. A generous amount of paid time off is offered along with a health care stipend. The nanny must refrain from all recreational drugs, nonsmoker and current on vaccinations.

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