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Full-time nanny needed for self-described “mullet” family

LOCATION:   Tennyson and Colfax, in the West Colfax neighborhood, Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Little lady welcomed mid-October of 2017.  

HOURS NEEDED:   40-45 hours per week, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5:30/6 pm. The grandparents plan on caring for their new grandchild one half day during the week. They are flexible on the which day of the week and the time of day.

PAY RATE:   $16-$20 per hour, taxes are withheld

START DATE:   This position starts at the end of February

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   The family is looking for a minimum of a year commitment.

PETS:   A low-maintenance dog. There are no mandatory requirements related to the dog, but if the nanny wanted to take her for a walk, it would make this pup very happy!

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE NEEDS:   The family lives in a very walkable neighborhood. Driving is not needed in the beginning, but Mom and Dad are open to outings once baby is a bit older. The nanny is able to use the family’s car.

REQUIREMENTS:   This self-described “mullet” family is looking for a long-term commitment with a reliable, organized, trustworthy, and dependable nanny. You might ask yourself, “what’s a mullet family?!” Dad describes their personalities just as you would a mullet- business in the front, party in the back! If you haven’t been able to tell yet, Mom and Dad have a great sense of humor and would make a great family to work for!

  • A “mullet” nanny is someone who is a fun and personable nanny but also someone who can instill healthy discipline boundaries, show up to work on time, and take their job seriously.
  • Mom and Dad describe their potential parenting style as loving while encouraging independence, exposures and choices. They are not helicopter parents- skinned knees are ok!
  • Mom was a former teacher and loves the Montessori philosophy.
  • This family is welcoming, accepting, open and none judgmental. For that reason, they’re hoping to find a nanny who shares similar values.  

WISH LIST ITEMS:   Care for baby is top priority. The following are wish list items only:

  • If the nanny can assist with laundry or washing cloth diapers, that would be helpful!
  • Other than that, simply tidying up after the days’ activities.
  • If the nanny wanted to cook for the family, they wouldn’t stand in the way, but it’s not mandatory.

PAID TIME OFF:   Paid time off and holiday pay is offered.

VACCINATION POLICY:   The nanny must be current on vaccinations.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Mom works from home but recognizes the nanny’s authority. She will not over step; in fact, because of her job, when she is working, she’s working! Nanny will have sole responsibility for baby and it’s unlikely she’ll be able to step out of her office during the day. She would like to breastfeed throughout the day, assuming its possible with her work schedule.

IS THE FAMILY COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   No unfortunately a nanny mom is not the right fit for the family.

COMMENTS:   A smoker is a deal breaker!

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