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Flexible & experienced nanny needed for a precious baby girl

LOCATION:   Speer Blvd. and Pearl St., Denver  

ABOUT THE LITTLE:  Precious, and snuggly baby girl welcomed in July of this year. Although she’s tiny, she has a lot of personality! 

HOURS NEEDED:  Full-time; minimally 132 hours every four weeks but can offer up to 160 hours per four weeks.  The family’s work schedule changes often, therefore they’re looking for some flexibility. They can provide the schedule at least 4 weeks in advance. The nanny will be needed 6 am to 6 pm, mostly weekdays, although once a month, the nanny could be needed on a weekend day. 

PAY RATE:    $17-$20 per hour, taxes are withheld. 

START DATE:   Exact start date is to be determined but it will be either late December or early January. 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    6 to 7-month commitment, possibly longer.

PETS:   No pets. 

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   Driving with the baby will be minimal since she is so little. The family encourages walkable outings and driving excursions once baby is a little older. Because reliability and arriving on time is so important, a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is required. This includes a vehicle capable of driving in the snowy, winter months as the nanny will be needed even on snowy days.

REQUIREMENTS:   These new parents are looking for the perfect nanny who is comfortable with their nontraditional schedule.

  • Experience with infants.
  • Patient, calm, interactive, and engaged.
  • Mom and Dad are both in the medical field, therefore reliability and being punctual is a must!
  • Baby is exclusively breastfed and Mom and Dad are working on transitioning to a bottle. The nanny must be knowledgeable with breastmilk handling, storage and preparation.
  • Communicative; willingness to provide a recap of the days’ activities. Since Mom and Dad work long hours, the nanny will be needed to be communicative throughout the day by sending pictures or text updates in order for them to still be connected even when they’re working.
  • Responsibilities include baby laundry and washing bottles.
  • Responsive and patient. Mom and Dad do not subscribe to a specific parenting philosophy, but they are responsive to the baby’s cues and needs. A schedule would be great as baby gets a bit older.


  • Language immersion; if the nanny spoke another language it’s a plus but not required.
  • Educational background such as a degree in Early Childhood Education or Development is a bonus!
  • If the nanny wanted to prepare a super simple meal they would not be opposed to it!
  • Occasional errands such as the grocery store would be great if the nanny is willing.

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will earn a set salary every month regardless if all the hours are worked or not. Additional paid time off is negotiable. It is possible, the nanny will be needed Memorial Day, but working other holidays is not needed.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Being up to date on vaccinations, including an annual flu shot, is a must!

SICK POLICY:   Caring for the baby if/when she is sick is needed. If the nanny has a minor illness or cold, the family expects the nanny to work. If the nanny has a high fever or serious illness, they encourage the nanny to stay home.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Very rarely they might work from home for a few hours. Their downstairs neighbor is sensitive to a lot of noise; for that reason, they try to be respectful and not wear shoes inside in order to reduce noise. Tennis shoes are ok!

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Because of the demanding schedule, a nanny mom would not be a good fit.

COMMENTS:   Mom and Dad describe themselves as caring and loving parents. They are personable, warm and value family. They are hoping for a nanny who shares similar values.

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