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Enthusiastic nanny needed part-time

LOCATION:   18th and Pearl, North Cap Hill/Uptown, Denver 

ABOUT THE LITTLE:  Lovey and snuggly little guy welcomed early September. This young man was a few weeks early but he’s thriving and doing well! He is a sweet guy who is exclusively breastfed. For that reason, the nanny must be knowledgeable with breastmilk handling, storage and preparation. And of course, supporting Mom along her breastfeeding journey! 

HOURS NEEDED:  29 hours per week. The perfect schedule would be 1:30-6 pm Mondays and Wednesdays, 8 am to 6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, off on Fridays. However, there is flexibility with the schedule if needed. The alternative would be the nanny can choose any three days per week 8 am to 5:30/6 pm, or 5 afternoons per week. Because Grandma will be caring for her grandson part-time, there is a great deal of flexibility for the nanny. If the three-day a week schedule is preferred, the nanny can pick any three days between Monday through Thursday.

PAY RATE:    $16-$20 per hour

START DATE:   Early February 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:    The family is looking for a long-term commitment; minimally 12 months. 

PETS:   No pets. 

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   Having a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is preferred although not required. 


  • Encouraging age appropriate milestones and development is important. The nanny will be responsible for fostering development through suitable play and activities.
  • Engaged and attentive. Crying it out is not something the parents are comfortable with. Alternatively, the nanny will be responsible for being attentive and engaged. Mom and Dad don’t have a specific parenting philosophy they subscribe to; however, they follow the baby’s rhythm as opposed of a strict schedule.
  • Taking the baby for walks in the family’s very walkable part of town. Reading, playing, interacting, etc.  
  • Values in the home include being considerate, caring and promoting manners. Mom and Dad hold these values near and dear to their heart. What an amazing opportunity to work for a family who has such wonderful values!!
  • Minimal household duties. The family keeps a tidy home therefore the nanny will not have any responsibilities regarding household tasks. Basically, tidying up and leaving the home the way it was when Mom and Dad left!


  • It would be neat if the nanny spoke another language or was familiar with baby sign. Both wish list items, not a requirement!

PAID TIME OFF:   The nanny will receive 3 days of sick leave, 3 days of paid time off to take at their own discretion, and paid major holidays as paid days off if they fall on a designated work day. 

VACCINATION POLICY:   The nanny must be current on vaccinations. An annual flu shot is highly preferred, although the family is willing to take exceptions case by case.

SICK POLICY:   The nanny will be responsible for caring for the baby if he’s mildly sick. If the nanny is sick, the family prefers the nanny not to come in. 


COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:  The family is open to the idea of a nanny mom if the nanny’s child is around the same age as their son.

COMMENTS:  Get ready for one of the biggest perks of the job… the family is willing to pay for classes or workshops to help the nanny further their education!!! For example, infant feeding certification, starting solids, baby wearing, etc.  

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