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Dream job in Platt Park

LOCATION:   Jewell and S. Grant St., Platt Park, Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Dinosaur-loving, playful, 2-year-old little guy. Baby #2 is expected in June!  


  • A minimum of 30 hours, but the family can offer up to 40 hours per week if needed. The nanny will be needed at least 30 hours a week during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Not all hours are required!
  • Flexibility is important on both sides. The family can offer flexibility for the nanny and they hope the nanny can be flexible too.
  • Guaranteed hours offered.
  • Hours will not be cut or changed when baby #2 comes. The family will still need the nanny for the same hours.
  • A big plus if the nanny was open to working occasional weekends too!

PAY RATE:    $16-$20 per gross (before taxes). There is an option for a raise if/when the responsibilities increase; for example, if/when the nanny cares for both children.

START DATE:    Flexible start date but ideally soon! 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:     At least a one-year commitment but the longer the better!

PETS:    No pets.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:    A safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is a must. Activities and adventures are encouraged! In the fall, it’s possible the two-year old will attend preschool a few hours per week. At that time, the nanny could be asked to assist with drop-offs and pick-ups.

REQUIREMENTS:   Dream-family alert!! You couldn’t ask for a nicer or more respectful family to work for! Mom was a nanny and understands first hand what it’s like. Mom and Dad have the up-most respect for a nanny and want the nanny to feel comfortable, respected and appreciated.

  • Ability to promote open communication.
  • Trustworthy and responsible.
  • Caring, loving and a nanny who loves what they do.
  • This fun, laid back and easy-going family, tries to follow the R.I.E theory. Although they like this philosophy, they’re not rigid about it. They foster respect, consistency, and freedom to explore and have independent play. As Mom says, “I’m not a clown, I not here to be entertaining all the time!”
  • Mom is working on her Master’s degree and Dad is an award-winning fitness writer in addition to running a fitness and business consulting firm. As you might imagine, fitness and nutrition are important to the family. Although they are not strictly kosher, they are try to stay Kosher if possible.
  • Child related tasks only: child’s laundry including bedding, picking up after meals, and the typical cleaning up after the days’ activities.
  • Willing to shadow their current nanny for at least a week. They are losing their beloved nanny because she is expecting her 2nd child.


  • Being able to travel with the family as well as staying overnight is a big wish list item!
  • It would be great if the nanny emptied the dishwasher!

PAID TIME OFF:    The nanny will have guaranteed hours. Additional paid time off is negotiable.

VACCINATION POLICY:    The nanny must be current on vaccinations. An annual flu shot is not required.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:    Yes, Dad works form home often when he’s not traveling. Because Mom is focusing on her Master’s degree, she too could be home when the nanny is there. Mom and Dad are hands-off when the nanny is there. They would never disrupt the day, or want the nanny to feel as if they’re peeking over the nanny’s shoulder.

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:    Not at this time. 

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