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Cuddly fella in need of a nanny in South Park Hill

LOCATION:   E. 17th Ave. Pkwy & Colorado Blvd, in South Park Hill, Denver     

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   8-month-old sweet & cuddly lil fella.


  • Option #1. Guaranteed 50 hours every two weeks. The schedule will be provided at least a month in advance. The nanny will only be needed weekdays. Typical start time 8-9 am, typical end time 4:30-5 pm. Occasional later evenings will be needed, advanced notice given.
  • Option #2. Guaranteed 40 hours every week, Monday-Friday, approx. 8:30 am- 4:30 pm.


  • Option #1. $850-$1,000 every two weeks.
  • Option #2. $1,120- $1,280 every two weeks.

START DATE:   Within the next few weeks!     

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   At least 6 months, ideally longer. The family would love a long-term nanny!    

PETS:   No pets.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle is required. Once permitted, activities & adventures such as baby classes, parks, etc. are encouraged. The family lives super central and in walking distance to attractions like the Nature & Science Museum, the Denver Zoo, libraries, and parks!


  • Reliable & dependable.
  • Recent infant experience.
  • Supportive and foster Mom & Dad’s parenting style which is encouraging a regular schedule and eat-play-sleep routine.
  • This young man is a great sleeper! During his long nap times, child-related tasks needed, such as laundry, washing bottles, tidying up, etc.
  • No screen time please!
  • Mom is an essential employee and works in the medical industry. For that reason, she is extra vigilant in practices in order to limit exposing others. The nanny will be expected to do the same.

WISH LIST ITEMS (NOT MANDATORY):   Care for baby is top priority, these items are bonuses but not musts.  

  • Bilingual.
  • Familiarity or knowledge with baby sign.
  • Help with dishes, baby bottles, etc.   

PAID TIME OFF:   Guaranteed salary offered!    

VACCINATION POLICY:   Current on vaccinations is a must, including an annual flu shot. Click here to learn more. The family is willing to reimburse for cost.      

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Dad works from home in his separate office. The nanny should never feel like they are walking on eggshells. Nanny will be trusted and feel confident knowing they have the authority. These parents are not hover-ers!

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Open to a nanny mom if the nanny’s child is similar in age.    

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