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Creative nanny needed for a precious toddler

LOCATION:   Evans Ave. and Colorado Blvd., Denver

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Playful, sweet and fun 3-year-old little gal. She goes to Dance on Tuesdays and Gymnastics on Thursdays. She loves art projects and playing at the park and in our yard. She loves going to the Museum of Nature and Science/Zoo/Botanic Gardens. She is very fun loving. It is hard to get her to leave places because she has so much fun being out and about. We are always out and about and that is part of the routine for this young lady.

HOURS NEEDED:   29.5 hours per week; Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30 am to 6 pm, Fridays 7:30 am to 5 pm.

PAY RATE:   Hourly rate dependent on experience. 

START DATE:   They family is dedicated to finding the right nanny; meaning the nanny could start soon or in the near future.

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Long term! Minimally a year commitment but preferably longer if possible! 

PETS:   Mild tempered French Bulldog. This canine goes to work with Mom so very minimal pet duties needed. Sometimes some help is appreciated, such as letting his out and potentially walking on the very rare occasion, but not at all expected on a regular basis.

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE NEEDS:   The nanny must have a safe and reliable vehicle to use to get to our house.

REQUIREMENTS:   This active and busy family is looking for the perfect nanny for their sweet and playful little girl. Dedicated to finding the right nanny, the perfect candidate is someone who is:

● Engaged

● Detail oriented/Organized/meticulous

● Communicative

● Willing to take initiative

● Patient

● Creative

● Punctual & reliable

● This little lady thrives by having a routine. Mom and Dad’s parenting style is firm but loving, involved and they feel their daughter does best with redirection as opposed of always saying no.

● The nanny must be willing to stay active with their toddler by taking her outside daily and they encourage outings once everyone feels comfortable after the transition. Visiting museums, libraries and parks are a few examples of preferred outings.

● The perfect nanny is loving and professional and devoted to the nannying profession. Developing through play, fun activities and learning is very important. Baking cookies, coloring and finger painting are a few favorite activities. It is very important to the family that the nanny takes the job seriously and always acts in the most professional manner in regards to her responsibilities to Riley and their family.


● Speaking a different language would be great but not mandatory!

PAID TIME OFF:   Guaranteed hours are offered; the nanny will receive the same salary regardless if care is needed. Additional paid time off is negotiable.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Candidates must be current on vaccinations.


IS THE FAMILY COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   A nanny mom is not an arrangement the family is comfortable with.

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