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Collaborative 3rd parent needed

LOCATION:  Syracuse and 23rd, Stapleton, Denver

ABOUT THE KIDS:   Two kiddos, 8 and 6 years old .  

HOURS NEEDED:   The family will compensate the nanny for a full-time schedule although they do not need someone full-time. During the school year, the nanny will be needed an average of 25-30 hours per week; 40+ hours per week in summer months. The nanny will need to be available Monday through Friday 7 am to 6 pm but will not be needed to provide care all of those hours. 

PAY RATE:   This position is a consistent salaried position. The offered salary is $38,000-$42,000 per year net (take home).  

ADDITIONAL DUTIES:   While the children are in school, the nanny will be responsible for helping with household management type tasks such as grocery shopping, light errands, organizing, letting the housecleaners in, children’s laundry and bedding, and cooking for the family once or twice per week. There is no heavy cleaning involved. The children are responsible for cleaning up after themselves but the nanny will need to encourage and hold them accountable for doing so.

WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR:   These engaged and caring parents are looking for a collaborative 3rd parent for their two school-aged children. This position starts May 1st. Ideally a nanny could stay with their family for several years! Mom and Dad are both physicians therefore reliability and flexibility is key! The perfect person is someone who recognizes what the family needs and takes action. There is a great deal of down time while the children are in school, therefore the family would like the nanny to help with household management duties. Childcare will be needed during the summer months, school holidays, or if a child is home sick. A typical schedule would be arriving at 7 am, taking the children to school at 8:45 am; picking them up at 3:45 pm and ending the day around 6 pm. Occasionally later than 6 but rare. The nanny will be needed one weekend a month for just a few hours. If a nanny can assist with occasional date-nights that would be a huge plus! Homework help, communication with teachers and staying proactive in the children’s academics is important. Mom and Dad believe in kind but firm discipline. They want their children to be mindful of manners, respectful, and responsible. The perfect nanny is someone who is caring, patient, reliable, proactive, communicative, personable and consistent. The family’s nanny is a valued member of the family and they hope their nanny can be an invested part of their team! Drop off, pick-ups and transportation to and from after school activities is required; the nanny must have a safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job. When the children are not in summer camp, outside activities such as swimming or bike riding are encouraged.

COMMENTS:   The family has an inside/outside cat; the children are responsible feeding him. As medical professionals, immunizations are important to the family. Current on vaccinations including an annual flu shot is mandatory.  The family is happy to pay for the annual flu shot. Overnight care would be great but is not a requirement.  

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