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Attentive part-time nanny needed in Broomfield

LOCATION:   Sheridan and Highway 7, Broomfield    

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   Born 4 weeks early, this precious preemie developmentally is right on track for a preemie. Baby girl was welcomed late December and is thriving! She’s a great eater and on a predictable schedule. She is alert and calm, engaged and smiley. Her favorite activities include going for walks in the stroller or being worn and being read to.

HOURS NEEDED:   15-20 hours per week. Hours could increase to 30 hours/week after January. If candidates cannot increase the hours in January, it’s not a deal breaker. The family has a great deal of flexibility. The only required time slot is Thursday 1:30-6:30pm. The remaining 10-15 hours per week can be worked two other weekdays, the nanny can choose which days. Occasional date-night hours would be a huge plus!

PAY RATE:    $20 per hour

START DATE:   Mid to late-July

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Minimally a year commitment

PETS:   One cat, no responsibilities related to the pet.  

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle is preferred but the nanny can use the family’s car for outings.  


  • Proactive, involved, attentive to safety.
  • Reliable and punctual are musts!
  • Caring, comforting, patient, and calm.
  • Attentive as opposed of letting the baby cry it out.
  • Willing to encourage structure and routine.
  • As new parents, Mom and Dad are open to respectful input from the nanny.
  • Baby is exclusively bottle fed pumped breastmilk. The family is willing to sponsor the nanny to take the Infant Feeding for the Caregiver course.
  • Household tasks include washing bottles, tidying up after the days activities and overall keeping the home organized and tidy.


  • Assisting with the baby’s laundry would be a huge plus!
  • The family wouldn’t stop a nanny from preparing meals for the family but certainly not mandatory!
  • In the future, there could be an opportunity to travel with the family if the nanny was open to it.

PAID TIME OFF:   Guaranteed hours offered; in addition, the nanny will receive 15 hours of paid time off.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Current on vaccinations is a requirement, including an annual flu shot.   

SICK POLICY:   As a preemie, exposure to illnesses could be dangerous for this little gal. The nanny must be honest and upfront in respect to sickness. In the event the nanny is under the weather, taking paid time off is an option.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Mom is a student and does contract work, therefore, will be home. Mom views her role to step away and let the nanny be in charge.   

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   In hopes to limit exposure to germs, a nanny mom is not something the family is comfortable with currently.    

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