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Assistant/nanny needed in Broomfield

LOCATION:   Lowell Blvd. and Preble Creek Parkway, Broomfield

ABOUT THE LITTLES:   Two young ladies, 8 and 5 years old, and one young guy, 6-months old. The girls go to school within a 5-minute walk from home and the 5-year-old attends preschool about two miles away.  

HOURS NEEDED:   The hours will stay the same year-round. The nanny will be needed Monday through Thursday 3 pm to 6 pm. The kids do not need to be picked up until 4 or 4:15 pm; therefore, the nanny will have at least an hour to help with the assistant-type tasks.  

PAY RATE:  $20-$25 per hour

START DATE:  Right away. 

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   As long as possible!!     

PETS:   One dog; responsibilities are minimal, simply letting the dog outside if needed.

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle is a must!  Most of the time the nanny can borrow the family van for transporting the kids, but sometimes will be required to transport in their own vehicle.  Car seats provided.


  • The ideal candidate is someone with a helpful nature. Dad’s schedule is pretty flexible and he prefers to spend as much time with his kiddos as possible, e.g. taking kids to soccer, helping with homework, etc.  Nanny probably will have a bit more responsibility for the baby.  Mom won’t be home most days until 530 or 600.  Hence why this job is a nanny and assistant position! In a perfect world, the nanny can jump in and help where needed, allowing Dad to have more time with kiddos, and less doing chores.
  • Willingness to transport kids from school and to and from activities when needed, pack lunches for the next day, bath time, meal prep, family’s laundry and occasional grocery shopping.
  • The kids would love a nanny who was loving, caring, affectionate and someone they can build a relationship with.
  • Manners, respect and responsibility are all staples in the home. The nanny will be responsible for encouraging those things as well.  


  • A Spanish speaker would be great!

VACCINATION POLICY:   The family does not have a strong preference. If a nanny were to get a flu shoot, the family would be happy to reimburse or it.  

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Yes, Dad works from home.    

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   Due to the responsibilities, a nanny mom would not be a good fit.

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