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Active nanny needed for a playful little guy in the Highlands

LOCATION:   Quitman and 38th Ave. in the Highlands, Denver   

ABOUT THE LITTLE:   9-month old active and playful little guy. There is a milk allergy but no other known allergies currently.

HOURS NEEDED:   30-32 hours per week; Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30 am to 5 pm, Tuesdays 10 am to 4 pm, and Thursdays 9 am to 5 pm. If the nanny was open to more hours on Tuesdays, the family would provide plenty of notice and the extra hours are not a deal breaker.   

PAY RATE:   $17-$20 per hour  

START DATE:   October 1st, flexible with the start date if needed.

COMMITMENT LENGTH:   Minimally a year.    

PETS:   Must love dogs! This fur-baby is a sweet and lovable Labradoodle. He’s hypoallergenic and just loves to be around. Other than snuggles and attention, no pet responsibilities are required.    

VEHICLE/TRANSPORTATION NEEDS:   A safe and reliable vehicle to use on the job is needed. The family is happy to compensate for mileage; preferably in a casual way as opposed of logging and tracking miles.   


  • Loving, energetic and active. Willing to go on excursions, playdates and engage in activities.
  • Able to offer respectful parenting suggestions. Mom and Dad recognize the nanny is the professional and they welcome helpful tips.
  • Driven to help with development and growth. A nanny who is willing to work with baby to socialize and help him meet all his milestones.
  • The family lives in a very walkable neighborhood, near Tennyson Street, and walkable and driving outings are welcomed!
  • Willing to encourage a sleep schedule and comfortable if baby is crying in his crib while going down for a nap. Mom and Dad don’t let him cry excessively but they are comfortable with the cry-it-out philosophy.
  • Wash bottles and tidy up after the days’ activities.


  • Mom says, “If the nanny loves to cook, we love to eat!”
  • If a nanny was open to occasionally emptying the dishwasher of folding baby’s laundry, that would be a huge plus!

PAID TIME OFF:   Paid time off is offered in addition to a consist salary.

VACCINATION POLICY:   Preferably current on vaccinations.

DO THE PARENTS WORK FROM HOME:   Maybe for a few hours every once in a while.

COMFORTABLE WITH A NANNY MOM:   The family is open to a nanny bringing along an older child occasionally. They are not interested in a full-time nanny mom arrangement but they’re open to it a couple days a week if the child is older.

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