Infant Feeding for the Caregiver

Head up, bottoms down! Not sure what that means? Then consider taking the Infant Feeding for the Caregiver course!

On behalf of Kiddie Up Nannies and The Mama’hood, I personally am thrilled to share this amazing resource with parents and all caregivers. More specifically to Kiddie Up, the ability to share this with nannies, but truly the information gained can be shared with all caretakers- dads, partners, grandparents, babysitters, even mothers-in-law!

After struggling as a working and breastfeeding momma myself, I realized early on there was an unintentional disconnect between caregivers and moms in respect to breastfeeding. Now that my littles are not-so-little and I’m out of the baby-fog, I can easily look back and realize what improvements I could have made to better support my babies, my nanny and myself in my personal breastfeeding journey. I hope this course can save you and your caregiver the trial and error lessons I endured!

Kiddie Up Nannies partnered with the BEST OF THE BEST- Amanda Ogden, BSN, RN, IBCLC, Mama’hood co-founder and director of the Lactation Services and Education at The Mama’hood.  Amanda has aided thousands of breastfeeding mommas and now she’s educating caregivers too! We are honored to work with such a recognized and prestigious lactation consultant to develop the Infant Feeding for the Caregiver course.

Who benefits from this course?   Everyone! Clearly, nannies and caregivers are going to gain a ton of information, but at the end of the day, babies and mommas are going to benefit the most. Please consider doing your part to learn how you can best support them!

Why take it?   Why not?!? The education and further knowledge you will learn by taking the Infant Feeding for the Caregiver course is valuable for a ton of reasons.

  1. It provides accurate and current information about breastfeeding.
  2. Makes a great addition to a resume.
  3. Sets you apart as a professional nanny.

What’s included?      The content was acquired directly from feedback from mommas and nannies. They spoke, we listened! Information includes:

  • How much do babies eat
  • Breastmilk handling
  • Milk storage
  • Worries breastfeeding mommas have and how to best support them
  • Common challenges
  • Traveling with breastmilk
  • Choosing a bottle
  • Gravity feeding
  • Paced bottle feeding

How do I get my nanny to take the course?   Nannies’ desire to further education is something I hear often! I think you would be surprised to know, your nanny wants to learn more if given the opportunity. Offering to pay for the course is an affordable way to make sure your nanny is prepared and educated to provide what your baby needs. Perhaps during nap time, when your nanny takes a much-needed sit down break, they can watch it; or even better, offer to compensate them for an hour of their time!

Ready yet?   I know, you’re busy- you have laundry to fold, a shower to take, Instagram to check… but truly, you will gain so much information in less than an hour. Purchase the workshop here and use KIDDIEUP5 to get $5 off.