Hiring-A-Nanny 101 at The Mama’Hood

Surely finding a nanny can’t be that hard. My neighbor has a nanny, my friends have nannies, Brad and Angelina have a TON of nannies! This can’t be that hard. I’ll sit down and start looking now. Wait, what do I google? How do I know this person who calls herself a nanny is actually legitimate? Ill interview her and then I’ll know. But wait, what am I suppose to ask a nanny? Do I check her credentials? Is there a nanny university out there? Maybe I can find the valedictorian of that class. No, that will cost me too much. Hold up, what am even suppose to pay do a nanny? What about all the tax mumbo-jumbo? Ugh, now am getting into technical stuff like taxes, liability and being legal and stuff. Can I legally ask her age or personal information? How am I supposed to know if she’s a good fit for our family? What if she’s the opposite type of personality as me? What if she just wants to sit on her phone all day and leaves my baby crying in the swing!? I’m not going to be there, how am I going to know if she’s taking care of my baby the way I do?! What if she quits the day after I go back to work? What if she shows up 20 minutes late every day? I can’t confront her about that- she’s watching my baby!

Scared yet? You are not alone. Getting a nanny can not only be scary but totally overwhelming! Luckily I’m here to help. As the owner of Kiddie Up Nannies, I have worked with many parents who are in this exact situation. Kiddie Up Nannies and The Mama’Hood are grouping together and offering Hiring-A-Nanny 101, where all your questions will be answered!