Happy Nanny, Happy Family!

We can all agree, having a happy, healthy, trustworthy environment is what we all want. Keeping your nanny happy is key to make certain your household is a happy one! I am going to give you a few tips to keep your nanny happy. I’m not saying keeping your nanny happy should be your top priority, but it’s important to think about often!

Think about a few things that make you happy (or unhappy) at your place of work. You want to make sure to incorporate (or not incorporate) similar things for your nanny. Remember, this is their work place; they do this for a living. I highly doubt your nanny is working for you out of the goodness of their heart. Although nannies love being around children and it takes a special type of person, it is still their job.

Number 1, keep consistency. It is important to pay the nanny a consistent salary so they don’t feel they have to find it somewhere else. How would you like it if your employer cut your salary? This goes for holidays and vacations. You take a 2 week vacation, that’s not your nanny’s fault! I understand it is an expense you would rather not pay, but get creative. Ask them to housesit, check mail, or even pet sit since you will be paying them already. Side note: daycares require payment regardless if your child is there or not. Nannies should be given the same respect.

Some nannies have flexible schedules but make sure you provide their schedule with adequate notice. There’s a ton of programs or apps allowing families and nannies to link their schedules. Update your calendar at least 2 weeks in advance. Show your nanny the same respect you want them to show you. If they had a doctor’s appointment, would you prefer them tell you that day or a few weeks in advance? I think you get my drift.

Paying the nanny correctly. What a hot topic this is! Rates fluctuate depending on what you need and the experience/background/education of each nanny. I’m sure you can find inexpensive childcare but don’t forget- you get what you pay for! If you want a nanny to have their degree in early childhood education, their rate will be higher as opposed of a high school graduate. Trust me, your nanny will have resentment later if you don’t pay them what they deserve. Be realistic about your expectations and what you are asking the nanny to do. You might have to give somewhere in order to fit your budget. Feel free to call Kiddie Up Nannies to learn more about the current hourly rates in your area!

Although it’s not required, tipping the nanny after a late night or weekend is always a nice thing to do! What is required is to pay the nanny for additional hours they’ve worked. If you’re 30 minutes late, be certain their paycheck reflects that.

Taxes fall under paying the nanny correctly. Families try to get creative and squirm around the system, but there is not much wiggle room when it comes to this. Your nanny is a household employee; therefore they are a W2 employee NOT a 1099. We recommend ADP to all our clients and nannies and they can answer more specific questions regarding taxes.

As I mentioned before, I recommend to always pay the nanny for the time you don’t need them. It’s a huge bonus if you can offer them paid time off too! It is common for full-time nannies to receive 5 days paid vacation, and 3 paid sick days annually. For part-time nannies, usually they receive 3 paid vacation days and 1 sick day annually.

Do unto others as you have done to you. This is pretty self explanatory. We teach our kids this, so set a good example! My mom always said (in her very thick New York accent) “Be respectful, responsible, and fun to be with!”

* Be on time

* Be kind

* Be thoughtful

* Be appreciative (see below)

Appreciate your nanny!! I hope you get my point since I used 2 exclamation points. I know you appreciate your nanny but do they know that? I have a friend that posts on Facebook about how great her nanny is at least once a week. Not only do I LOVE reading that, I bet the nanny is just tickled to death! It is so important to tell your nanny what you like about them. Please be sure you give praise where needed. If you’re not too happy with them, tell them what you wish they would do different. Or, tell them what you would do.

If you don’t have the words, a Starbucks gift card will do the trick! I feel appreciation gifts are always a good idea. Gifts for birthdays and holidays are necessary. Stay tuned closer to holidays and the end of the school year for more about great gift ideas!

Personal story: I am so lucky to have 3 amazing little boys in my life still to this day. Several years ago, I nannied for the middle of the three boys. I still see them on a regular base and get my time with them. Because one meal time with them usually fills up the dishwasher, I always run it and empty it. Every single time, the parent’s text me and say thank you. I love them all for it!

I hope you have learned a lot about how to keep your nanny happy. Believe me, if they’re happy- you’re happy! Best wishes!