FAQs for Families

How long will it take to find someone?

It is our goal to find the right nanny for you. On average the search takes between 6-10 weeks, depending on your availability and the details of the position; we do our best to meet your time frame. Kiddie Up offers temp nannies if your needs are more immediate. 

What makes Kiddie Up Nannies different from other agencies?

Kiddie Up strives to have a one-on–one relationship with both our clients and nannies. We do not believe our job is done after signing a nanny. We will check in with our clients and nannies to ensure satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable agencies in Denver; we accept credit cards and offer monthly payment plans. Not to mention, we represent a wide range of nannies, formulating affordability for parents.

Why is there a deposit?

The deposit ensures that you are as serious about us placing your nanny as we are!

What kind of experience do your nannies have?

Our nannies are required to have at least 3 years of childcare experience, excellent references, and a squeaky clean background check, and must pass our intense interview process. We also require all of our nannies to be CPR certified and First Aid certified. If our nannies are not certified at the time of the interview, Kiddie Up will sponsor them to make certain that they are professionally trained and prepared for the job.

Am I responsible for paying the nannies?

Yes, Kiddie Up Nannies simply represents all of our nannies; therefore, it is your responsibility to pay them directly. We are happy to advise our clients on the proper salary for the nanny, as well as recommend a company to help with payroll and taxes.

Am I responsible for withholding taxes?

Each family is unique; therefore, we are happy to advise our clients about taxes, but do not require specific guidelines regarding taxes.

How do you screen your nannies?

Our nannies go through an intense interview process. Our process starts with a phone interview, followed by a face-to-face interview, and possibly multiple interviews with the potential family. Nannies must pass our background checks, which include a national criminal background check, sex offender check, and social security trace. We also run a motor vehicle report. We check all past employment history and speak at length with the nanny’s references, both professional and personal.

Where do your nannies come from?

We find our nannies in multiple places. Since Kiddie Up Nannies was formed by a former nanny, word of mouth has brought in many qualified nannies. Most of our nannies come recommended to us from current and former Kiddie Up Nannies; great nannies know other great nannies! Nannies are also found through recommendations and internet sources. As nannies visit our website, they realize we are different from other agencies and choose to work with us!

What is the average cost of a nanny?

The average cost of a nanny depends on several things. First, the number of children the nanny will be watching. Second, the experience the nanny has. Third, the requirements or duties expected of the nanny. Fourth, the type of nanny (full time, part time, temp nanny, mom-nanny, etc.). Cost also depends on the location; Denver Metro Area nannies average between $12 per hour to $25 per hour.

Am I able to meet with you and your staff personally?

Absolutely! One of our goals is to make certain that we are here to assist you. We want to get to know your family and kids! It is important to us to be clear on your needs and expectations. This will make it easier for us to place a perfect fit for you!

What kind of sitters and nannies does your agency represent?

We have many different kinds of sitters: Full-time and part-time professional nannies, temporary nannies, overnight nannies, and event nannies. Our nannies range in age and background. Some speak multiple languages, and some are college students; we even represent moms looking to bring their children to work!

If you have more questions, please contact us today. 

We were knee deep into the process and felt so overwhelmed I felt I really needed some help. I wasn’t sure what to ask nannies or how to even find good caregivers. After speaking with Maggie and Kiddie Up Nannies, I knew they could help us. Sure enough! – Elizabeth, Denver