And just like that… Executed Public Health Order

And just like that… the Coronavirus pandemic continues to show us continual changes are being made without much warning.

While we were busy drafting our most recent communication- FAQs for families and nannies, Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock, issued a “Stay at home” executive order. This order states nannies are now not considered essential employees unless they are providing care for children who’s parents are essential  employees defined in the newly released Executed Public Health Order 03.23.2020.

Section f.xx. Nanny and babysitting services shall not be permitted under this Order unless the nanny of babysitter (1) resides in the home of the senior, adult or children for whom they are providing care, (2) provides medical care to the senior, adult or children, or (3) is providing care in order to allow parents or guardians of a senior, adult or children to work for an Essential Business or perform Essential Government Function.

If you live in Denver or work as a nanny in Denver, you are now not permitted to work; unless you live in the families’ home, provide medical care to the children, or if the parent of your charges are considered essential employees. Sadly, this is no longer a recommendation as it has changed to an order.

Kiddie Up will continue to place temp and permanent nannies for essential employees or for positions starting on or after April 10th, 2020.

I look forward to sending further, more positive, communications in the near future.

Sending well wishes, good health and sanity during this time.


Kiddie Up Nannies