Requesting or Offering a Raise to Your Nanny

  Requesting or offering a raise is a topic you want to handle delicately. It’s important to be assertive, realistic, organized and professional. A few thoughts to consider: Conducting a nanny review. This is imperative before you can move on to point number 2. A nanny review is something employers will conduct. A nanny can […]

A Guide to Offering Paid Time Off for Your Nanny

  If you are employing a nanny or have employed a nanny in the past few years, you know the market is a competitive one! Paid time off is a common practice and something nannies look for. To ensure your position is appealing and meets market standards, here’s what Kiddie Up Nannies suggests in respect […]

Social media eliminating you from a nanny job

Can your social media accounts eliminate you from a nanny job? YES! Many families look at social media accounts. Most of the time, social media does not give cause for concern; however, it’s not uncommon to see wonderful nannies get rejected or dismissed from the applicant pool based on their social media. Exclusions can happen […]