Nanny Cams

I am often asked about my views on nanny cams. Although it is a taboo subject, here are a few ideas to keep in mind before you set up a nanny cam. If you feel the need to secretly use a nanny cam to investigate what your nanny is doing throughout the day- I can tell […]

We are Kiddie Up Nannies

Finding a nanny is hard work! Luckily you have Kiddie Up Nannies working for you! It is our mission to support, educate and assist throughout the process. Through our expertise, network and active role in the industry & the community, we provide each family with the tools and support they need to make their experience […]

Nannies 101 at The Mama’Hood

Surely finding a nanny can’t be that hard. My neighbor has a nanny, my friends have nannies, Brad and Angelina have a TON of nannies! This can’t be that hard. I’ll sit down and start looking now. Wait, what do I google? How do I know this person who calls herself a nanny is actually […]