Nanny Placement

Kiddie Up Nannies offers full-time and part-time placements. Our highly qualified nannies have at least 3 years of experience; they are CPR and First Aid certified, and at least 18 years old. Kiddie Up nannies complete our rigorous interview process, and have passed our detailed background checks. Our customized services and undivided attention allow each client to get just the assistance they need.

Our permanent placements include:

  • A detailed interview to best understand the family’s needs.
  • Gateway to our database of nannies.
  • Advertising the position – Kiddie Up’s website, social media sites, specific job boards, and more! Don’t worry, we never advertise your personal information!
  • A new search for all of our clients to ensure that we can offer them the most possible candidates. (Most families meet between 2-4 candidates, or more if needed)
  • Background checks and reference checks.
  • Weeding out candidates that would not meet the family’s requirements.
  • A customized contract between the family and the nanny.
  • Nanny guarantees – from the start date to six months, if the nanny does not work out, we replace the nanny at no charge. (Six months to a year, half the placement fee)
  • A parent resource book, which includes nanny logs, medical release, orientation checklists, emergency information, wish lists, mileage report, sick child log, and more!
  • Nanny reviews. We suggest a review after 90 days, but can conduct reviews as often as you need.

In addition to our permanent placements, Kiddie Up Nannies assists in placing temporary nannies, event nannies, and overnight nannies. We assist with nanny shares too! 

Please review the chart for a quick reference for all of our Nanny placement services:

Timeline chart for different requests

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